Gliders, motor gliders and ultra light planes : Planning, developing, producing and repairing, spare parts, making the wings Sinus, Virus, Taurus

Gliders, motor gliders, ultra light planes : Planning, developing, producing, repairing    

DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE COMPANY :: Planning, developing parts for gliders, motor gliders and ultra light planes

Development project of the last decade

Two-seat ultra light powered glider SINUS

In cooperation with Pipistrel Ltd from Ajdovščina the project two-seat ultra light powered glider Sinus gradually started in 1995. Albastar’s share comprised the entire know-how of the composite plane structure, ranging from the production of moulds to its preparation, from making the prototype all the way to serial manufacture, design, the making of steering mechanism and undercarriage. Alba star’s task was also to take part in designing the aerodynamic configuration of the plane and the majority of the strength tests on the ground. The development of the plane was mostly completed by 1999. The Slovene UL homologation and the UL international homologation were later on acquired as well. The division of labour is as follows : Albastar makes the wings, while the fuselage and the tail areas are made by some other co-operator. (Up to number 15, Albastar Ltd was making the wings, the fuselage as well as the tail surface). Pipistrel Ltd provided for the placement of the engine and for the installation/fitting. Pipistrel Ltd additionally carries out the sale, using its foreign representatives and the demand is rather high.

One-seat ultra light glider APIS

Apis is Albastar’s first major independent project. The glider offers exquisite gliding possibilities (within its class) and when empty takes up very little space. The prototype was finished by the summer of 2000 in less than half-year’s time, which was unprecedented. It was made possible by using the already existing components such as the mould for the Sinus wings. This project was Albastar’s first greater challenge to independently deal with promoting and advertising the project. It involved the presentation of the plane on its maiden flight at the Lesce – Bled Sports Airfield, the participation at the Sport Aviation Expo in Germany, as well as the extensive advertising on the Internet. The project was sold in 2003.

Apis WR reached 8 world records in various categories. The pilots participating were : Boštjan Pristavec (participated twice), Tanja Pristavec, Boris Žorž, Andrej Kolar.

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